Odour Treatment in Brighton & Hove
with Woodland Carpet Cleaners

Unwanted odours can spoil our homes and businesses, making them feel unwelcoming and off-putting.

All manner of pollutants can get carried inside on our feet and become trapped within carpets and rugs, despite regular domestic cleaning.

Our service ensures that these distressing, lingering odours are dealt with. Your carpets, rugs and even curtains are thoroughly cleaned with professional specialist products and revitalised - made clean and fresh.

However, please note, although we will do our very best for you, whilst there will be a significant improvement after treatment(s), we cannot guarantee that cleaning will remove all odours.

If you're situated in the Brighton & Hove area and are looking for a professional curtain cleaning service to remove unwanted odours, please contact us.


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Woodland Carpet Cleaners
Professional Odour Treatment Services in Brighton & Hove
Woodland Drive, Hove, East Sussex. BN3 6DR
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